Window treatment is our speciality and our greatest strength. We will help you create the indoor ambience you are looking
for with our vast choice of curtains and draperies from a wide selection of fabrics by the most renowned brands.

Thanks to our team of expert interior designers and seamstresses, we will create
the perfect and personalised window treatment to optimise your interior design,
whatever your desires and budget.

Choose from the best combinations of curtain
rods and fabrics or from our selection of ready-made sets.

Take also advantage of our custom window treatment service,
which includes measuring, designing and manufacturing a unique, 100% personalised set.

Choosing the right accessory to enhance your curtain or drapery is essential to the harmony
of your room. We carry in our showroom a large selection of decorative curtain rods as well
as attractive trimmings, ornamental accessories and valances to match your decor perfectly.